New York City Correction Officer for the last 16 years. Started investing in real estate for security so that I wouldn't be dependent on that one and only income. Started with a Tri-plex in 2018 and Enrolled in the Wheelbarrow Profits Mentorship program in 2019. Partnered with Mike to buy 9 units in 2020. With 4 years left until I can retire from Corrections, my 4 year goal is to be able to replace my DOC salary with rental income so when my retirement date arrives, I wont have to do one extra day. Proud Husband and father to a beautiful wife and 2 quickly growing kids.



Mike started his professional career as an Operating Engineer in 2008 in NYC, working on some of the most important projects the city had to offer. After saving a bunch of money and trying to find a place to invest it, he discovered real estate. In 2017 he bought his 1st rental, a condo in Raleigh NC. The only problem was, it was near impossible to get a day off while a project was going on, even for a closing. Real estate is supposed to set you free, not add stress to get to a closing. In 2017, mike bought another one with the same predictable response from the company, and that's when he knew that real estate was the life he wanted, not being tied down to a company or a project. In 2018, he quit his W2 and bought his own condo and moved to Raleigh living a debt free life. In 2019, Mike and Brian teamed up and purchased their first multifamily in the Triad area of NC. Together they have 29 units and growing.

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